Upcoming Gadgets in 2019 You Should Look Forward to

Upcoming Gadgets in 2019 You Should Look Forward to

Every year, new gadgets are being released. This time, we’re going to take a look at the best gadgets of 2019 and what you should expect from it. Knowing what’s in store for the coming year is crucial, especially for tech enthusiasts and collectors.

The tech industry is ever-evolving. Each year, there’s something to look forward to: from new laptops to mobile devices that will revolutionize the current trend. Here are some that you should keep abreast with:

2019 Newly Released Gadgets

Samsung’s foldable phone

It’s no secret that Samsung is developing the first-ever foldable smartphone. This November, the brand teased us with the possibility of the new gadget. However, a little-known company from California called Royole almost stole Samsung’s thunder by releasing their own foldable phone this year. Still, it’s undeniable that Samsung will make its own noise once they released their own version which is expected to be sometime in March 2019.

IKEA speakers

This year, the news spread that IKEA is partnering with the audio company Sonos to integrate sound into their products. As one of the 2019 tech gadgets, this aims to provide a holistic and innovative experience for their customers. The new line of speakers that are currently in the works is said to remove cable clutter while delivering a whole new audio experience.

Brydge iPad keyboard

Sure thing, keyboard attachments are not new to iPad devices. But this time, Brydge has made a special keyboard that can be attached to an iPad so it will function as a laptop. This is expected to be released by 2019. The new tech coming out in 2019 can be adjusted in different tilts just like how an actual laptop works.

These best gadgets of 2019 are worth the wait. If you’re planning to acquire new tech products, you shouldn’t miss these top picks.

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