The Best Data Recovery Software for 2019

The Best Data Recovery Software for 2019

2019 Best Data Recovery Software

Should you inadvertently delete important files or pictures, it can seem to be all hope is lost. Thankfully, if you lost documents to a failing hard disk drive, or inadvertently deleted the data retrieval applications may help you get them back. 

Before downloading and running any retrieval applications, you need to stop utilizing the drive if possible. The only operation you should use it for — particularly if it’s possibly going to fail soon — is to make a backup of the entire drive to a secondary drive. Additionally, you should consider calling on the assistance of a specialist data restoration company, as no software is going to work if your drive fails completely. The same goes for if you lose information from a modern SSD, that is notoriously hard to recover data from. 


Compatible with external and internal storage, physical media, and even cameras, Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery is considered by many to be the best data recovery tool now available. It may recover lost partitions data from encoded drives, picture entire disks to preserve data from possibly damaged websites, and also make a system startup disk in the case your system fails to boot up. 


EaseUS could have tons of distinct applications on offer, but they’re all related to storage in one manner or another. Whether it’s preemptively backing files up, or recovering them its main focus is keeping your information safe and its own Data Recovery Wizard is among the best tools for helping you locate any that you’ve dropped on the way. 


A prevalent selection for all, but not quite as fully featured since a number of the other entries on this list, Recuva is a longstanding name in the file retrieval business. Developed by the same firm as CCleaner, Recuva may un-delete documents, recover them from damaged or formatted disks, locate deleted music on your Digital music player, or go the other way and delete documents for you to erase them forever. 


Kroll is a company that offers its own professional data recovery service, in order that ought to work as a real testament to the potency of its data retrieval software. Considered to be a more professional tool compare to a number of the others on this list, it’s comprehensive and exceptionally fast at recovering files from all sorts of file volumes. Compatible with both Windows and macOS, you could even start and stop your file retrieval as and once is convenient for you. 


Clever Files Disk Drill is another popular file recovery tool that comes in both paid and free-for versions. It supports laptops and desktops, as well as external drives, memory cards, and devices with mass storage of their own, like cameras. It’s both macOS and Windows versions and might recover just about every file type you can imagine.

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